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Dealership Testimonials

Wayne Eidson Chevrolet-Buick-Pontiac - Wayne: 580.622.2196  "I want to drop you a quick note to thank you for your help following the hailstorm that occurred in late March. Your crew did an excellent job in repairing both our new and pre-owned vehicles - very professional and courteous. I hope I don't need your services anytime soon. However, if we do, you've earned my business!"

Gainesville Motor Company -  Dick: 940.665.9955 "Truly the best I have ever seen.

Madill Chevrolet - Roland: 580.795.3337 "111 cars successfully completed perfectly in just 3 weeks. They should be called Dent Magicians."

Northgate Auto Sales - Glen: 308.237.2883 "The best company in my 27 years experience."

Sax Chevrolet - Randy: 701.483.4411 "One company that is fair, professional, very reasonable, and can do the big dents."

Certified Auto - Jonathon: 918.438.8181 "Thank you for fixing all of the cars on my entire dealership. Your company did a great job and I would highly recommend you to any and all dealership. The price that you gave me for the entire lot was excellent, but the quality of work exceeded the price by far. I would be glad to have you take care of my dealership if it happens to hail in Tulsa, OK again.

Thomas Cadillac - Drew: 918.665.3420 "Thank you for your help as a result of our hail season 2003 - 2004 here at Thomas Cadillac in Tulsa, OK. You have shown us what PDR should be. Thank you for your professionalism attention detail. You are the only company that is able to work on aluminum. You have a great team and you are very timely. We would be happy to recommend you to any and all dealerships."

Hamilton Auto - Charley: 918.541.1999 "Your 3 month presence at my shop was truly a pleasure. Your high standards for quality and integrity was refreshing. Seldom do you ever run across a mobile business like yours that can be trusted without any doubts or regrets. You will always be welcome here at Hamilton Auto. Furthermore, you will be missed by all of us here. Do keep in touch."

R&R Body Shop - Rob: 918.542.8055 "Thank you for your help with our PDR needs as a result of our hail season of 2003. Not only have you shown us what PDR really should be, but you gave us a way to still turn a profit from hail work, even though the insurance companies are trying to drive down the prices. You have proven to us that working together is the solution. We would recommend to all body shops to work side by side with you, they will not be disappointed."

Auto Center of Tulsa - Shorty: 918.234.5252 "The work you have done for about 87 cars here at Auto Center of Tulsa was excellent. Your quality control supersedes no other. You were very professional and not one customer had a problem with the outcome of their vehicle. I am happy to say that Mountain Man Dents is a great company and I would gladly have you work out of my shop if hail comes through Tulsa, OK again."

Auto Center of Tulsa - Dan: 918.234.5252 " To whom it may concern: We here at Auto Center of Tulsa have witnessed the work ethics and professionalism of Mountain Man Dents. All the time they were next door to us, they never had a complaint or come back for any reason. They arrived in the middle of November 2003 and were here through March 2004. Simple terms - They Do Great Work!!"

Jim Deveny Motors, Inc. - Jim: 402.462.2719 "Mountainman Dents repaired several cars for us with 100% satisfaction. They were able to save our cars from being sent to the body ship to include 2 aluminum hoods that were seemingly destroyed. I highly recommend their services to anyone. The Best I've had in 30 Years."

Customer Testimonials

Walter J. Exon, M.D., Hillcrest Medical Group - Utica Park Clinic "January 2004, To Whom It May Concern: My 1989 Acura Legend was heavily damaged in the recent hailstorm which hit parts of Tulsa. I received an estimate of $4,200.00 from my body shop to repair the damage which was more than the car was worth. I had just about decided to live with the damaged car when I happened to find Mountain Man Paintless Dent Repair. They were able to promptly repair the hail damage with their paintless dent repair method. The results were outstanding and there was absolutely no evidence of hail damage. Best of all, their charge was $3,000.00 less than my body shop! I have received nothing of value in return for this recommendation and I chose to write this because of the quality of their work. I heartily recommend them for paintless dent removal. They are honest and reliable and obtain outstanding results. I would not hesitate to use them in the future for any paintless dent repair."

Donna Caton - "What a pleasant experience it was taking my severely hail damaged truck to Mountainman Dents. The crew kept me informed of the progress of the repairs. For a very reasonable price, a fast repair time and great workmanship, they have made me a very happy customer. I would recommend Mountainman Dents to my family and friends, or anyone looking for Dent Repair. Thank You Mountainman Dents for a job Well Done!"

Mountainman Dents Team Testimonials

Joseph Cluck - Oklahoma - September 2009: Hi. My name is Joseph. I have been a dent technician for eight and a half years. Let me tell you a little about myself and the company I work for. I have been a member of the Mountainman Team for almost seven of them. Before I got with Mountainman Dents I was an independent contractor. I paid a company ten thousand dollars to train me for two weeks. Then I went out on my own. To be honest I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. I struggled for months trying to find work and when I found it I struggled to even fix a dent properly. I wasn't good at all when I first started doing this. Then I got a random phone call from Buck, the owner of Mountainman Dents, to come work a hail storm with his team. So I went to the storm not really knowing what to expect. When I got there and saw the damage, I almost turned right back around and went home. I thought it was way out of my league. Buck knew I was a new guy in this field and told me he would take care of me as long as I gave it a hundred percent every day. So that's what I did. I didn't make much money at that storm but learned so much and got a better understanding on how to be a good technician. Now I could tell many stories that we have amassed throughout the years, but that would take forever. There are a few things I would like to say about the past few years. It's hard to summarize all the things we have been through. Of all the people I have worked for in my life, Buck is the best person I have ever worked for. He is one of the most honest and hard working people I have ever met. He always finds a way to take care of us and our families. He has a saying that I have grown to love and I try to apply it in my life, "Put yourself in the position to win or fail and you will prevail." That quote and seeing him constantly do just that, has changed my life. He made me realize there wasn't anything in life I couldn't do. I just have to say how much I appreciate Buck. We have had a lot of trials through out the years together. He has still kept us all together through it all. And always finds a way to keep us working. To be completely honest I don't really look at Buck as my boss anymore. He is so much more I consider him to be my brother. My boy even calls him Uncle Buck. I'm not trying to over glorify Buck, I'm trying to tell you about Mountainman Dents. But at the end of the day, Buck is Mountainman Dents.

Nate Peterson - North Carolina - August 2009: Over the past six years I've been in the paintless dent repair business and I've worked with Mountainman Dents many times. From the home base in Oklahoma to Colorado, I've been fortunate enough to be part of the team. It's a good feeling to work with a company you trust and respect. Looking forward to working with Buck and the Boy's again!

Pete Robinson - Texas - July, 2004: Friends....Buck.... I sit here in an old farmhouse thoughts flow in and out of my head and before I take the next step in my life I have some things that need to be said. I'm not for sure if I made things clear before we parted. I have a lot of things to thank you for so I hope I get them all in here as I write. First for having me be part of your life and part of Mountain Man Dents. I know I'm not the best at all of it but thank you for pushing me to do the best I could do. This was a part of my life that I will never forget. It has changed my outlook on life and taught me to be stronger and not to back down from anything. Only the strong survive. I know that there was a whole team involved but I would like to speak for myself. Thank you for all the times setting around the grill and laughing and telling stories but the biggest thing was making sure I had food before I went to bed, maybe not after a hard day at work, but after all the worrying and wondering what was going to happen next. You have a very strong soul Buck and no challenge is too big to tackle. Things are different now for me and I know this business is one of the hardest I have ever been involved with not only learning the dent side of it but the all around business. It takes someone with a lot of heart and a strong will to give all that you give and one day it will pay off. Maybe not in the near future but one day it will. When that day comes just remember all the good times and I know they will over shadow the bad. Sometimes we really don't know why things go the way they do until that time is long gone and we are in another situation. One of the biggest things I learned is that you find out who will stand beside you and who will tuck tail and run at first site of hard times. One day I will be able to repay you for what you taught me and I will never forget that chance you gave me in Tulsa, OK. Positive attitude is something you don't find in people very often even when times are good but you always had it no matter what the days brought. I want to Thank You for all the good times and the bad all the laughs and the fun the simple things like kicking my butt at pool and the little baby monkey at the Zoo. Oh and don't let me forget the surprise birthday cake. There was more good then bad by far my friend. It's hard to find good people in the world but I know one for sure and Buck Thornley you are one hell of a person in my book. I will never bet against you that is for sure. "I left Marietta, OK with a contact, I'm leaving Clinton, OK with a friend." So I leave with this God Bless and Good Luck in all you do and you will always be with me when I pray.

Ron Holland - Utah - September, 2009: Its hard to believe, its been 10 years since I ran into Buck at one of our Army drills. Both of us fresh off of active duty clicked right away and the conversation led to what we did for a living. I was driving semi trucks and he was a manager for a paintless dent removal company. I said, "paintless what?" I never knew such a thing existed. A couple of months went by, but Buck finally convinced me to come on board and give it a try. My life has never been the same since. After he got promoted and moved to Houston, I wasn't sure if I'd ever see him again. We kept in touch and both talked of starting our own companies. All the talk became reality when Buck called me in December of 2002 and asked if I'd come work with him in Ganado, TX. It was my first hail storm as a dent technician. Buck told me not to worry about a thing and that he would take care of me. Being a man of his word, I left Texas a couple weeks later and a few thousand dollars richer. Since that time I have worked with Mountainman Dents in Oklahoma, Texas, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Florida, Louisiana, and my home state of Utah. During the 2003 hail season, Buck and I had a few disagreements and parted ways on not so good terms. After which I went to work for several other companies. It was almost a blessing in disguise because I was able to see how other people operated and how they treated their employees. We reconciled later that season and I can tell you from personal experience that the only company I want to "hit the trail" with is Mountainman Dents. Buck makes you part of the team no matter how experienced you are. When Mountainman Dents gets paid, you get paid. Others make you wait up to a month. Mountainman Dents demands quality and customer satisfaction. Others are more concerned about money and just want it out the door looking "good enough". Mountainman Dents is a team. Others look at you as just another tech. Since those days of touring the country and making more money than I ever thought possible, I have started a family and don't have the time I used to. But without fail, once Buck sets up a storm I always get invited to work with Mountainman Dents. Just another way of a man keeping his word and taking care of his teammates. Thanks Buck. Good luck, and best wishes. Who knows? Hail season 2010 is right around the corner and I might be able to make some time for another reunion.

Chris Stinley - Oklahoma - September 2009: I have been a PDR technician for 10 years now. I've been with Mountainman Dents for the last 6 years. Let me tell you, I feel fortunate to have a profitable career doing something that I enjoy. But even more so, I know I am very lucky to be able to work for a great company like Mountainman Dents. I got started as a dent technician while in Houston, TX working for Dent Wizard. I met Buck my first day on the job. I knew right away there was something special about him. It was very difficult getting started in this career, but Buck was always there to give me encouragement or advice. I had a friend in Houston who also worked with Buck and I. My friend was about to be transferred to another city, even though he wanted very badly to stay and work with us. Buck went to bat for him and he was allowed to stay in Houston. It is this kind of leadership and dedication to his team that Buck exhibits daily. I was disappointed when Buck left Dent Wizard, but knew I could always call on him if I ever needed help. I was right. 4 Years later I left my job in Houston and gave Buck a call. He welcomed me with open arms to the Mountainman Dents team. Since then I have had the privilege of working with Buck in 8 different states and countless cities. I could tell many stories of the great things we've done in everyone of those cities. Through it all Buck has always been there for me and my family, giving me friendship and peace of mind that I could never find anywhere else. Thank you Buck!

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